P25 Digital/Analog Radios

This may be your first introduction to P25 technology.  Without getting technical, we will simply say that this point that Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rules require all existing radios to convert from a 25 kilohertz (kHz) bandwidth to 12.5 kHz by 2013.  Each user will have the choice of continuing to operate in an analog mode, as most are currently, or to upgrade to digital technology.  The accepted standard for federal agencies is P25.  For additional information on P25 technology and why it was selected by all federal agencies please visit www.the-end-of-confusion.com

Business, Industrial, and Governmental communications users are rapidly converting from analog to digital.  The benefits are significant - privacy, better utilization of operating spectrum, extended battery life, better sound quality, text messaging, compliance with FCC narrow band operating standards, and the optional addition of GPS location reporting.

Of the four available digital technologies, FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) is used primarily for handheld portable on-site use (no mobiles or stations are available) in the unlicensed 900 MHz ISM frequency band.  For traditional handheld portable, mobile, and station use, today's user has a choice of MotoTRBO (also known as TDMA), FDMA 6.25 (NXDN), or APCO-25 commonly referred to as P25.

Of the three, MotoTRBO offers many features including the ability of a single repeater station to handle two calls simultaneously - kind of like getting two repeaters for the price of one.  The FDMA 6.25 technology can divide a single 25 kHz channel into three or four separate channels.  Unfortunately, the MotoTRBO system currently cannot allow a single repeater to handle both analog and digital calls.  In other words, a migration from analog to digital is virtually impossible with MotoTRBO which gives FDMA 6.25 (NXDN) the edge for non-public safety use.  Only P25 provides the ability for a single repeater station to handle both analog and digital calls simultaneously AND meet the federal grant requirements for public safety users.  For an overview of the special features available with Midland P25 products, please visit www.info4u.us/p25special.pdf.

All agencies of the Federal government have standardized on P25 equipment which makes it the only choice for interoperability or eligibility for federal funding through Department of Homeland Security grants.

Midland has made a commitment to provide the finest P25 equipment available. For additional product and pricing information, please see the Product Pricing section of this web site.